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Corner Brook listed as one of worst places in country to live The Corner Brook councillor was responding to the ranking of 150 the city was awarded in a MoneySense magazine article based on data compiled from the 180 Canadian cities and towns with populations greater than 10,0. That position actually rates Corner Brook as the 30th worstworst official Bulls jersey place to live in this country. Bruce is skeptical of the system. Cities were rated based on home affordability, climate, prosperity, crime rates, access to health care and lifestyle, with subcategories in each area. Points were also given for the categories of transit, amenities, and culture. Corner Brook which in this report includes the surrounding area fell on the list because of two significant areas prosperity and climate. Corner Brook ranked near the bottom of the 180 cities or towns in weather (168), discretionary income (161), job prospects (170), while household income (113) was not flattering. The most a city could get was 105 points, while weather, for instance, accounted for up to 18 points of that six for each of amount of precipitation, number of wet days, and days below 0 C. It is obvious why Corner Brook was among the worst in this category, but Bruce said that should not be a negative. "I wouldn't trade our snow and winter tourism product for anything, that is something that hopefully will never go away," he said. "There are so many businesses in the Corner Brook area that thrive because of our winter tourismtourism Bulls 2014 jerseys product and adventure tourism. People come here from all over the world to ski downhill and cross country snowshoe, and dog sled." The unemployment rate was also a poor category for Corner Brook, and it was heavily rated with 10 possible points. Bruce said unemployment rates are high across the province, making it difficult to score points when being compared to areas of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. You can't worry about how people perceive other things that you have no control over. Trina Burden, the city's business resource manager "We are steady lobbying for businesses and new industry to come in with 2 or 3 decent paying jobs," he said. "Unfortunately, every other municipality across the country is doing the same thing. It is aa cheap china Bulls jerseys free shipping very competitive market." He also said that number is influenced negatively due to the high number of seasonal workers who live in the area. He also thought it was strange to rank so poorly on discretionary spending, yet be 13th best in terms of new cars on the road. Bruce said there were some positives to take from the report, most notably ranking eighth in health care a category based on the number of general practice and specialist physicians per community and the percentage of people employed in health occupations. Those two categories combined to account for a possible 10 points in the system. Corner Brook jumped two spots from its ranking last year, and Bruce expects that trend to continue based on initiatives the city has implemented recently or has ongoing. "Corner Brook is a great place to live," he said. "It has four seasons. We have a four season product with a phenomenal winter and summer tourism product." Meanwhile, Trina Burden, the city's business resource manager, reiterated the points made by Bruce pertaining to the scoring system and the reasons why the city was ranked poorly overall. She said a comprehensive look at the data portrays Corner Brook in a much better light. She also said the report does not recognize Corner Brook has a university, an obvious mistake. As a municipality, she said, they have to concentrate on the areas which can be improved. "In terms of an economic point of view for city growth, you want to ensure you do all the right things to grow your economy, and that businesses grow and hire people," she said. "You can't worry about how people perceive other things that you have no control over." For a closer look at the detail seesee womens Bulls shirts page 2 of this article. Quite simply Corner Brook is not the best place to live based on these categories. 1. Aboriginals which there are in many other parts of the country, and they make up a notable portion of Corner Brook's Demographic) 2. Climate unless you love snow, this is going to rank low 3. Affordability to live not only is there a lack of appartments (creating an inflated rental cost), but the housing market is fairly high at the moment. For the size of the city it is considerable more expensive than other comparable cities across the nation. 4. Crime we actually fair pretty well in this category. Points for transit? Well there goes ANY of those points. This area of Corner Brook's budget is grossly overlooked. A bus might come once an hour and take you on one specific route. You want to go to another part of town? Too bad, I only have one continual loop (to be fair, it's not quite that bad, but it's terrible) Culture well this one is hard to comment on. How do you define culture? Corner Brook has a rich NL culture, but does it represent international culture? Not really. One sushi joint, these "Chinese restaurants" which are sadsad cheap Bulls jerseys excuses for real Chinese food. Where is a korean BBQ, gay pride week, etc, etc, etc. They just aren't there. In my opinion Corner Brook makes its taxation laws such that it is a nightmare to own a business, and they grossly overspend in some areas. State of the art soccer pitch and curling rink? Really? Do those millions of dollars really represent the vast majority of Corner Brookians. no, not they don't.


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